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  • 4/14/2022 2:44:00 PM
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DES MOINES – DNR staff work with individuals, businesses and communities to help them protect our natural resources by complying with state and federal laws. This approach is very effective. In the few cases where compliance cannot be achieved, the DNR issues enforcement actions. The following list summarizes recent enforcement actions. Find the entire, original orders on DNR’s website at

Consent Orders
A consent order is issued as an alternative to issuing an administrative order. A consent order indicates that the DNR has voluntarily entered into a legally enforceable agreement with the other party.

Wapello County
Ecosystems, Inc.
Comply with all laws applicable to discharging pollutants into a water of the state; comply with all laws applicable to the land application of sewage sludge; implement the Department-approved Corrective Action Plan; and pay a $5,500 administrative penalty.

Winneshiek County
Milan Hageman
Hire a licensed engineer to inspect the below building pits at the facility to determine structural integrity; cease storing soil condition in the below building pits unless secondary containment is constructed; pay $10,778.87 in fish restitution and investigative costs; and pay a $7,500 administrative penalty.

Administrative Orders
Responsible parties have 60 days to appeal the order or 60 days to pay the penalty.

Dubuque County
William Lawler and Jeff Lawler
Amending unilateral order 2022-AFO-03; operate and maintain all animal feeding operation structures in compliance with applicable laws; pay $1,138.28 in fish restitution and investigative costs; and pay a $7,000 administrative penalty.