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Top 3 Tips for Successful Fall Application

  • 10/11/2021 2:06:00 PM
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The long-term dry spell that started more than two years ago makes fish and other aquatic critters like crayfish especially vulnerable to spills and small amounts of pollutants.

With stream levels low, these three tips can help prevent spills and fish kills. They’ll also help keep applicators safe,” says Trent Lambert, supervisor in the Mason City field office.

  1. Be diligent. Pay attention during pumping and land application, watching the equipment, weather and land. Look out for saturated soils and runoff. Don’t over apply.
  2. SLOW DOWN! Getting in a hurry has caused many past spills and accidents. Don’t try to speed things up and then accidentally miss the corner and land in the ditch.
  3. Avoid waters. Keep umbilical hoses away from bridges, creeks and tile intakes. Avoid surface application by injecting or incorporating. Stay away from sensitive areas and steep slopes. Follow required separation distances for your operation.

If the worst happens, call in a spill report as soon as you can to 515-725-8694. DNR staff are experienced in handling spills. They can likely help you keep a bad situation from becoming worse.

For more tips, see “Avoid Spills and Fish Kills—9 Tips for Successful Land Application.”