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Title V Permit Application Forms Revised to Accommodate New Application Fees

The Environmental Protection Commission adopted rules and a fee schedule for Title V application fees starting on January 15, 2016. Three existing Title V permit application forms have been modified to provide the DNR with the information needed for the new fee structure. Title V application Form 1.0 has been revised to include the necessary billing and invoice remittance information and Part 3 has been revised to include an application fees agreement statement.

Changes made to Form 5.0 clarify that the form is for emissions fees as opposed to application fees. Since the revised Form 5.0 was not posted prior to January 1, the Iowa Code allows applicants to continue to use the previous version of the form for 2015 Title V emissions inventories and payments if the applicants prefer. The previous version of Form 5.0 is available upon request.

These revised forms can be accessed on our website both through our operating permit page at and also our new page for air quality fees at Title V facilities that submit permit applications through the State Permitting and Reporting System (SPARS) should be aware that these form revisions have not been made to SPARS, therefore the new Form 1.0 and Part 3 will need to be included as attachments.

Please contact Lori Hanson, Operating Permit Supervisor at (515) 725-9525 or with any questions.