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Make a Financial Investment with the High-Value Hardwood Packet from the State Forest Nursery

  • 1/5/2016 9:33:00 AM
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DES MOINES – Add some value to your future forest, with the High-Value Hardwood specialty packet from Iowa’s State Forest Nursery.

“The packet consists of five tree species selected for their potential to generate future income,” says State Forester Paul Tauke. He added, “Iowa forests grow the finest hardwoods in the world. Log buyers come from all over Europe and Asia to sawmills and log yards throughout the state to purchase our best, biggest and most valuable hardwood trees. Iowa wood product businesses produce over $4 billion dollars in products, employee over 18,000 Iowans, and have a payroll of over $900 million dollars”

This High-Value Hardwood packet is available this month only.  Cost for the 250 bare-root seedlings is $110, the same price as a regular 200-seedling packet. The High-Value Hardwood packet includes 50 each of the following:


White Oak
White oak provides strong durable wood and is one of Iowa’s most important timber species. It is used for railroad ties, flooring, mine timbers, furniture and whiskey barrels. It makes excellent firewood and produces acorns for wildlife food. 

Red Oak
Red oak provides hard, strong and heavy wood. It is widely used for furniture, cabinets, veneer, flooring, lumber and agricultural implements. It makes excellent firewood and produces acorns for wildlife food.  

Black Walnut
Black walnut is the undisputed champion of all Iowa trees in terms of wood value.  Individual black walnut trees in Iowa have sold for as much as $20,000 to $30,000.  Walnut trees of that quality and value are the exception rather than the rule, but they do exist.  Black walnut wood is hard, durable, and easy to machine and finish.  It is prized for veneer, fine furniture, gunstocks and luxury car steering wheels.

Black Cherry
Black cherry provides moderately hard and heavy wood that works easily, takes a fine finish and seldom warps.  It is used in balances, precision scientific instruments, fine furniture, cabinets, interior trim, pianos, organs and caskets.

Bur Oak
Bur oak produces wood very similar to white oak.  It is hard, durable and used for railroad ties, flooring, mine timbers, furniture and whiskey barrels.


Start the New Year off right by ordering trees that; when planted this spring, will leave a valuable financial and conservation legacy for your children and grandchildren.

To take advantage of this offer, call the State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and mention the “High-Value Hardwood packet.”  Landowners purchasing this packet will receive delivery in the spring. The packet seedlings are between 8 and 24 inches, depending on the tree or shrub species. 

Each month, the State Forest Nursery creates a different specialty packet to offer a unique mix of tree and shrub species for that month only. This month’s specialty packet is only available through Jan. 31, 2016.  Look for an announcement of next month’s specialty packet Feb. 2.

 Anyone can purchase seedlings from the Iowa State Forest Nursery for CRP projects, to increase wildlife habitat, pollinator potential or diversify backyard woodlands.  More than 40 species are available from the nursery. Seedling choices, including photos and descriptions, can be seen in the seedling catalog at

For more information about this monthly special or other tree and shrub seedlings, contact the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477.