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Create Your Own Gift Bags from Stunning Iowa Outdoors Photos

  • 12/12/2014 10:22:00 AM
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Upcycled DIY photo gift bag tutorial from the Iowa DNRExpert crafter Shelene Codner wanted a way to show off the fantastic nature photography featured in the calendar issue of Iowa Outdoors magazine - so she turned the pages of last year's calendar into reusable gift bags, perfect for the holidays or any gift-giving occasion.

Here are Shelene's easy tips for creating your own gift bags:

Supplies Needed:  Calendar, twine/ribbon, scissors, single-hole punch and glue stick.
1.      Remove the center staples from the calendar and cut along the fold, select two pictures to use for your gift bag.
2.     Stack pictures on top of each other, if the calendar pages have drilled holes for hanging, you can use these to align your pages.
3.     Flip the pictures over and fold down the top about 1/2".  You can use the gridlines on the calendar as a guide.
4.     Fold 1” along the left and right sides, you can once again use the calendar grid lines as a guide.
5.     Fold the bottom up 1", using the calendar grid as a guide.
6.     Separate the pages.
7.     Tuck the top side flap into of one picture into the top side flap of the other picture.  Glue each side in place.

DIY tutorial for upcycled magazine gift bags from the Iowa DNR8.     Make 4 cuts at the bottom corners up to the folds.
9.     Glue all the folds down to create the bottom.
10.  Flip the bag over and press down to secure the bottom.
11.  Cut two equal pieces of twine or ribbon.
12.  Hole punch two holes & thread your handles.

For more eco-friendly project ideas, check out our DIY Outdoors and Upcycling boards on Pinterest.



DIY upcycled magazine gift bag tutorial from the Iowa DNR