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New Construction Permit Option and Informational Meeting

The DNR is proposing to create a new air quality construction permit option called a Collection of Air Permits (CAP). The CAP permit will allow multiple emission points and permits to be combined into one document. The CAP permit option was developed based on recommendations from our recent dual LEAN events that included both permit applicants and DNR staff. For information on the dual LEAN events, please visit our Stakeholder Involvement website.

Current construction permit practice is to issue one permit per emission point. The new CAP permit option will still give a permit number to each emission point but will consolidate requirements in one easy-to-use document. An applicant might choose to use a CAP permit in the following situations:

• Organize permits with emission caps over several pieces of equipment into one permit document to reducing need to flip between multiple permits.
• Combine permits for emission points/emission units often modified together to avoid missing updating all permits.
• Combine emission units with multiple emission points into one document.
• Combine all emission point/emission units in a “project” or “process”.
• Combine emission points/emission units with the same federal requirements.

Applicants will be able to request the CAP option when completing their requests for a permit and will also be able to combine existing permits into a CAP once finalized. In addition, the draft permit template for the CAP is based on the proposed revisions to our standard permit template including additional tables to organize the multiple units and emission points.

The draft CAP permit template is available for comment on the Air Quality Bureau’s Stakeholder Involvement website at . In addition DNR will be hosting a meeting to discuss the new CAP permit option and answer questions at 10AM on January 7, 2016. The meetings will be held at the Air Quality Bureau at 7900 Hickman Rd, Ste 1, Windsor Heights, IA 50324. A call-in option will also be available. The conference line number is (866) 685-1580 and the code is 5152425296.

Please contact Gary Smith, Construction Permit Senior Engineer at (515) 725-9563 or with any questions or comments by 4:30pm on January 7, 2016. DNR will consider any comments received on the proposed changes prior to finalizing the document.