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Cleanup on Iowa Falls diesel spill near complete

  • 4/26/2019 12:44:00 PM
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IOWA FALLS – Clean up of a 50-gallon diesel fuel spill south of Iowa Falls is near completion.

The fuel reached the South Fork of the Iowa River after a shutoff valve failed Monday afternoon as Agvantage FS was refueling a farm tank.

Agvantage FS worked with an environmental contractor to place floating booms in the river to contain and absorb the fuel. The contractor acted quickly and was able to contain fuel to just south of Highway D41 to about 0.75 miles west of KK Avenue.

DNR revisited the area Thursday afternoon, seeing active fish and aquatic life in the river. DNR will continue to monitor cleanup activities. The contractor will leave booms in place until all oil sheen has disappeared.

DNR will continue to monitor cleanup activities and consider appropriate enforcement action.