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Title V Facilities' Emissions Reports due March 31, 2019

  • 1/3/2019 1:29:00 PM
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Facilities subject to Title V of the federal Clean Air Act must submit their emissions inventories for 2018 to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Quality Bureau by March 31, 2019.

To increase the efficiency of and simplify the emissions reporting requirement, DNR requires that you report the 2018 emissions electronically using the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS). The option of reporting emissions in paper forms is no longer available for 2018 emission year and later. For assistance regarding Emissions Inventory or Fee Payment (due July 1, 2019), please contact Weston Li at (515) 725-9580 or For assistance regarding SLEIS, please contact Nick Page at (515) 725-9544 for

The Annual Compliance Certification and the Semi-Annual Monitoring Report are due March 31, 2019 if your initial Title V permit was issued prior to January 1, 2019. Contact Mark Fields at (515) 725-9526 or if you have questions about these reports.

For additional information please check the informational letter that was sent to Title V facilities by clicking here or by going to and clicking on Title V Forms & Instructions, Emission Inventory, and on the 2018 Title V Emissions Inventory reminder letter at the top of the page.