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Short-Term National Product Waiver Signed by EPA

  • 8/28/2018 8:01:00 AM
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On August 24, 2018 the EPA signed the Final Extension of the Short-Term National Product Waiver for Stainless-Steel Nuts and Bolts used in Pipe Couplings, Restraints, Joints, Flanges and Saddles. This short-term waiver permits the use of non-domestically produced stainless-steel nuts and bolts in bolting-type pipe couplings, restraints, joints, flanges, and repair saddles in iron and steel products for projects funded by the Clean Water or Drinking Water State Revolving Funds. 

This waiver will be in place for 18 months after the date of signature; upon expiration, the waiver will not be renewed. Based on information provided by some manufacturers, this 18-month sunset period will allow time to increase domestic production. The extension is retroactive to February 18, 2018, when the previous extension expired.

A copy of this waiver is posted to the EPA website and can be found online through the following link :

Please note that the waiver is short-term and applies to the covered products as long as those products are purchased by the assistance recipient (or representative, i.e. construction contractor) up until the sunset date. 

Questions regarding this waiver can be directed to the DNR SRF Coordinator, Theresa Enright, at 515-725-0498 or