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Major wastewater discharge to Storm Lake

  • 1/29/2018 3:04:00 PM
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STORM LAKE --  Repair work on Friday apparently damaged a 24-inch sewer line, allowing untreated wastewater to flow into a storm sewer that runs into Storm Lake.

City staff discovered the wastewater flowing under and over the ice near King’s Pointe Resort Monday morning. They estimate up to 450 or 500 gallons per minute of residential wastewater could be discharging south of the resort. There is no industrial wastewater discharge.

The DNR is working with the city to provide temporary repairs, after obtaining 24-inch pipe clamps from the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District.

Both city and DNR staff encourage anglers and others to avoid the area, adding that the discharge could affect ice safety. Fish should be safe to eat, but should be thoroughly rinsed off before cleaning.

City staff aren’t sure when permanent repairs will be completed.