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New fish structure maps added to DNR website

  • 6/20/2017 12:57:00 PM
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Sixty new maps with fish structure locations for lakes across the state have been added to the DNR website at

Symbols on each map mark fish structures such as cedar trees, rock piles, rock fields and pea gravel beds that have been strategically placed to attract fish for anglers.  Fish hide in these structures throughout the year.

Anglers can catch multiple species from one structure. “Bluegills may be spawning on top of a rock reef in pea gravel beds, while groups of crappies are suspended on the sides of the rock reef near large boulders,” said Lewis Bruce, fisheries technician for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Find more information about a specific structure such as GPS coordinates on the interactive Fishing Atlas or a downloadable GPX fish structure file on the Fishing Maps webpage. These tools are updated each year as new content is available.