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Celebrate improved air quality this week

  • 5/3/2017 2:36:00 PM
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As temperatures warm and people head outdoors, they can usually count on good air quality. In fact, Iowans especially have something to celebrate. Over the last 25 years, Iowa industries have significantly reduced six major air pollutants while growing our economy.

Iowa’s emission sources, gross domestic product, energy use, miles driven and population have climbed since 1990. Yet two air pollutants that contribute to ground-level ozone and airborne particles—the pollutants that pose the greatest threat to human health—have decreased significantly. Sulfur dioxide emissions are down 60 percent and nitrogen oxides are down 43 percent.

Find out more about air quality trends in Iowa at Or, explore a few ways to save money and help improve air quality .

Go ahead. Celebrate air quality improvements during Air Quality Awareness Week, May 1 to 5.