Land donors honored during reception in Des Moines

Almost 5500 acres of Iowa land in 32 counties was permanently protected through donations for conservation.

The donors associated with 48 donations of land or land value will be recognized during a ceremony on March 5, from 12:45 to 2 p.m., in the 1st floor rotunda, at the State Capitol, in Des Moines. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg are scheduled to attend.

+ Availa Bank
+ Ballard, Susan
+ Bauch Family
+ Beaumont, Barbara and Kurt Haman
+ Brenton Arboretum
+ Clarke, John
+ Chisman, Robert
+ DeCook Family
+ Delaney, Connor
+ Eastern Iowa Conservation Foundation, Ltd
+ Fleming, Robert III and Susan
+ Gateway Hotel & Conference Center
+ Gorsuch, Jeffrey and Roxanne
+ Hendricks Family
+ Hamilton, Raymond and Patricia
+ Henning, Beth
+ Iowa Great Lakes Saddle Club
+ Irvine, Catheryn
+ Jewell Family
+ Judson, Jon and Kay Neumann
+ Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
+ Kessler, Jim and Kathy
+ Knolls, L.C.
+ Koehrsen Family
+ Kollasch, Dr. Albert
+ Kuehn, Gerald & Jane
+ Lebredo, Ruth Rose and Luis
+ Lynn, James and Paulette
+ Luzum Family
+ McQuillen, Matt and Beth
+ Meister, Delores and Larry and Angie Taves
+ Miller, Larry and Laura
+ Mills, Donald
+ Oldham Family
+ Paule, John and Shari
+ Pleasant Grove Land Preservation, Inc.
+ Ribble Family
+ Sandford, Floyd and Sharon
+ Timberland, Inc.
+ Tucker, Sylvia
+ Twedt, Greg and Zoraida Gutierrez Araya
+ Union Pacific Railroad
+ Weimerskirk, John Edward Lee
+ Wieland, Dale and Imogene
+ Wittrig, John
+ Woodbury II, LLC