Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Section assists DNR staff in utilizing geographically referenced data in order to answer complex natural resource questions and make better decisions. The Section develops, manages, coordinates and distributes these data through the Department's Natural Resource Geographic Information System (NRGIS). The Section provides software and geospatial data support for the Department's programs as well as geospatial data access to the general public.

NRGIS Data Library –

The Natural Resources Geographic Information System (NRGIS) Library is a geospatial data repository developed and maintained by the GIS section and consists of more than 20,000 geographically referenced data sets and GIS web services.  The purpose of the NRGIS Library is to improve the availability, integration, and analysis of natural resource information and improve decisions to carry out agency responsibilities related to the management, protection and development of Iowa's natural resources.


GIS Analysis and Support

The GIS section can provide help and support for geospatial data and GIS software within the Department. Please contact specific staff for questions.

Kathryne Clark, Supervisor GIS administration, licensing, development, GIS Section
Calvin Wolter GIS Analyst – hydrologic modeling, special soil-water tools and models (SWAT, ACPF)
Chris Kahle GIS Analyst – flood plain program data administration, LiDAR
Claire Hruby Research Geologist – groundwater, GIS/DNR program business coordination
Tesfay Russell
GIS Analyst – National Hydrologic Dataset, Fisheries, Environmental Services (ESD) Field Offices assistance
Zach VanderLeest
GIS Analyst – Forestry, Environmental Services (ESD), Field Offices assistance

GIS Data and Applications
Casey Kohrt NRGIS Librarian / Spatial Database Administrator
Lang Deng Geospatial Applications Coordinator / Application developer