Spring 2018

Fishing Forecast
A new Mission Fishin’ is back, with a look at some of the top spots in Iowa to wet a line, whether you are looking for a place to take the family or land a lunker.
By Shannon Hafner    

School of the Wild
Summer wildlife camps held by the University of Iowa get kids away from gaming devices and electronics and into the woods.
Story and Photos by Joe Wilkinson

Hoodies and Woodies
Two iconic, stunning ducks familiar to Iowans stand beak-to-beak on a central Iowa wetland in a fight for property rights. 
Story and Photos by Ty Smedes

The Lure
A youthful outlook, undying passion and a favorite lure teaches this author a valuable lesson on the simpler life.
Story and Photos by Dan Magneson   

Outdoor Skills
Get the low-down on how to maximize your early spring fishing trips; suit up for more comfortable spring camping; put up barriers to hitchhiking ticks.

Plan your birding trips with these variant migration patters; make plans to build nest houses for spring cavity nesters; get a laugh from these early Iowa fish tales; make a memorable Mother’s Day weekend with a great brunch at Honey Creek Resort State Park.

Lost in Iowa
Build your family spring break getaway with these ideas from Honey Creek Resort State Park.

Flora & Fauna
Meet the bird who won’t earn a Mother Of The Year Award.

Wild Cuisine
This smoked carp recipe is pure hog heaven—guaranteed to change your mind on these less-appreciated fish.

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