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Spring Turkey Hunting 101
Posted: 04/10/2012
Season 1: April 16-19
Season 2: April 20-24
Season 3: April 25-May 1
Season 4: May 2-20
Resident Archery-only Licenses: April 16-May 20

Hunters may have up to two spring turkey licenses, of which, one must be Season 4.

Bag Limit
One bearded or male wild turkey for each valid license and transportation tag issued to the hunter.

Shooting Hours
One-half hour before sunrise to sunset

Safety Tips
  • Spring foliage is well ahead of schedule. It will be more difficult to identify or see turkeys and other hunters.  Be 100 percent certain of the target before pulling the trigger.  Never shoot at sound or movement; assume that every sound is made by another hunter.  Once you pull the trigger, you can never take that shot back.
  • Never stalk a turkey.  The chances of getting close enough for a shot are slim, but the chances of becoming involved in an incident are increased.
  • Never assume you are alone in the woods - even if you are the only one with permission to hunt.  The spring woods are filled with mushroom hunters, hikers, and bird watchers.
  • Keep the firearm unloaded until setup in the field and ready to hunt.  Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction and finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Wear blaze orange to and from the hunting location to increase visibility.  If a turkey is harvested, make sure it is secured in a bag with no parts visible that could cause other hunters to mistake you for game.
  • Plan your hunt, hunt your plan.  Make sure to let someone know where you will be hunting and when you plan to return.  We want everyone to have a fun and successful spring turkey season and most of all return home safely at the end of the hunt.