Snowmobile Trail Grant Program

The State of Iowa, Department of Natural Resources, administers a grant program for the development of snowmobile trails. This program is funded from snowmobile registration fees and user permits, which are placed into the state snowmobile fund. Snowmobile clubs apply for grants on an annual basis for trail grooming, trail maintenance, equipment purchases, operation and maintenance of snowmobile trial groomers, and insurance through an insurance agent.

Applying for a Snowmobile Trail Grant

Incorporated private organizations, cities, and counties are eligible to apply for snowmobile grants. Applying for and being awarded a grant is a commitment to use the state registration funds in accordance with state laws and administrative rules. The grant application must be filled out completely in order to be considered for a grant.

Application Deadlines

Snowmobile trail grant applications (1 original, 5 copies), must be received in the DNR offices on or before the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on May 1 annually.

How to Apply
Snowmobile Trail Grant Applications are provided in both a Word and a PDF format. Mailing information is included in the directions.
Snowmobile Trail Grant Application
Snowmobile Trail Grant Application (requires Adobe Acrobat Pro X)

Supporting Documentation for the Snowmobile Trail Grant Program
Snow Grant Admin Rules.pdf
Snow Groomer and Trail Development Scoring Criteria.pdf
Snow Amendment Request Letter.pdf
Requirements for Using ATV or ORVs on Trails
Requirements for Trail Improvement
Snowmobile Club Insurance Information:

Requesting Reimbursement from an Awarded Snowmobile Trail Grant Agreement
Clubs or other governmental entities have from the time the grant is awarded (late summer) through the following April 15th to incur expenses and complete all the required paperwork for the grant close out and reimbursement.  All the necessary paperwork (billing form, groomer log, etc.) is included with the Snowmobile Trail Grant Agreement sent to and signed by the club or entity. (The Snowmobile Trail Grant Application above is not the proper document to use to request reimbursement.)

For more information about the grant program contact DNR Snowmobile staff at, 515-725-8490.