Starting a NASP Program in Iowa Schools

Getting a program started in your school is easy! Below are the program requirements:

  • Interest:  School administrator, athletic director and/or physical education teacher interested in running the program as part of a two week (minimum) in-school course.
  • Equipment: The cost of the Standard NSAP Archery equipment kit is currently ~$3500.  The Standard kit contains 12 Genesis compound bows, 5 dozen arrows, 5 bullseye targets, 1 arrow curtain, 1 bow rack and 1 repair kit. For more information on the equipment used in NASP, go to  
  • Training:  Anyone interested in teaching the minimum two week in school program must receive Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) Certification.  This training is conducted through the Iowa DNR and is offered at no cost to school teachers leading two week in-school NASP programs. For all other adults, the training is $40. Training consists of one full, 8 hour day and is typically conducted in a school gymnasium.
  • Once certified, BAI instructors also have the opportunity of starting an after-school program for students interested in shooting competitively. Many schools recruit parents and volunteers to assist school staff in coordinating a competitive NASP program.  The after school league season runs from December through the end of February, culminating with a state tournament in March.

For more information, please contact Donise Petersen, Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa DNR at 515-205-8709 or at

NASP Basic Archery Instructor Training (BAI):
National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) instructor training is offered through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The NASP course content is designed to teach archery instruction techniques to both archery novices as well as experienced archers. Course content includes range set up and safety, use of the string bow, eleven steps to archery success, coaching techniques, equipment nomenclature, inspection, operation, maintenance and repair.

Because NASP archery classes are conducted in school gymnasiums, teachers may volunteer their school to host a NASP archery instructor training course. Many of these courses are conducted during district in-service sessions.

Basic Archery Instructor (BAI)
The Basic Archery Instructor is an instructor certified to teach NASP-style archery to any beginning archer.


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Attend the full day BAI course scheduled through the Iowa DNR
  • Pass a written exam administered at the end of the training with a score of 80% or above
  • Training material cost is $40. Cost is paid by the DNR for Iowa School teachers conducting in-school NASP programs

In addition to the training criteria above, all participants must pass a criminal background check conducted through the DNR. All personal information will remain confidential.

Attend a Class
Current training schedule and registration materials are available through NASP National . Any applicable program fees should be paid via check or money order made out to " IBA NASP Foundation" and brought to the class. Registration through is required. View upcoming class schedule and search for "Iowa" to find scheduled classes throughout Iowa.  Can't find a class in your area?  Contact Donise Petersen about hosting a training at your school.

NASP Equipment Grant Opportuntities

IBA NASP Foundation Grant
As of May 1, 2015 the Iowa Archery in the Schools Foundation equipment grant program through the Iowa Bowhunter's Association (IBA) has been postponed.  Stay tuned for future opportunities!

NASP/Easton Foundation Grant
Grant Information is completed for the 2015/2016 year.  Grant information is announced by Iowa NASP Coordinator, Donise Petersen, typically in August or September.   Grants are given on a first come, first serve basis. 

Protocol for NASP/ Easton Foundation Equipment Grants
  • $6000 is allocated per state with a $750 grant maximum to new schools who order the Standard equipment kit. 
  • Up to $2000 can be allocated to existing schools.  
    • If existing schools order $800 in replacement items, the can receive a grant of up to $200 off their final invoice. 
  • Funds must be allocated by December 31st.