Project AWARE 2017, canoe removing trash
Project AWARE, A Watershed Awareness River Expedition

Project AWARE, Iowa DNR’s expedition river clean-up, since its inception has been a partnership among groups and agencies with a mission to engage Iowans in cleaning up their rivers while learning more about the river’s water quality, biology, geology, and cultural history.

This year, Iowa DNR will get more help from its outside partners while providing a similar experience to volunteers. For information about registration and event details for Project AWARE 2017 on the Maquoketa River, please visit

Recap - Project AWARE 2017

Upper Cedar River
Iowa-Minnesota border (Mitchell Co.) to Howards Woods Rec Area (Floyd Co.)
River Miles: 55 miles
Participants: 469
Sponsors: 90
Total Trash Removed – 28.0 tons (55,945 lbs)
Tires – 368 tires (7.3 tons; 14,500 lbs)
Scrap Metal – 15.0 tons (29,860 lbs)
Recyclables (redeemables, plastic, cardboard, glass, household hazardous material) – 0.4 tons (885 lbs)
Trash – 3.3 tons (6,540 lbs)
Trash Recycled: 88% (49,405 lbs; 24.7 tons)

Project AWARE 2017 Fact Sheet

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Project AWARE 2017

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Project AWARE 2018

Mark those calendars!

July 9 - 13, 2018

Maquoketa River
Delaware, Jones, and Jackson Counties

AWARE 2018
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