Water Levels & Weather

                   lightning near the Raccoon River  

Knowing your weather and streamflows helps make planning your next river trip a snap. Always plan in advance and know how much rain is falling or expected to fall well upstream from where you want to paddle. Check the wind map before going out on larger streams and big lakes. If you need assistance in understanding the streamflow table, contact todd.robertson@dnr.iowa.gov.

  • NEVER paddle when lightning is in the area
  • Always take a weather radio
  • If sandbar camping, be aware of weather farther upstream. River levels can rise quickly overnight
  • Take your sunscreen
  • Know your water and air temperatures during cold weather months

Real-time streamflow and levels for Iowa streams (USGS)

Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS)

Weather Underground (Paddlers Weather)

Wind Forecast and Conditions