List of State Parks & Recreation Areas with Group Camps


(organized youth groups have priority for reservations)
Reservations for the group camps must be made with the park staff.

Park Rate * Deposit (due at time of reservation)
Organized youth groups $2.00 per day per person
(minimum charge $60/day)
(includes kitchen & dining facilities)
Other groups $15 per day per cabin plus
$30 per day for the kitchen & dining facilities
Family Groups $160 per dorm per night plus
$30 per day for the kitchenette & dining hall.
Bedding & towel service available for $160 per dorm per night.
Other groups Contact Ed. Center for information regarding fees. $0
Dining Hall-day use only $130 per day $0
Lake Keomah
Organized youth groups $40/day for the dining/restroom facility
(plus applicable camping fees)

Other groups $40/day for the dining/restroom facility
(plus applicable camping fees)
Dining/restroom facility-day use only $90 per day $90

Rental Fees and Damage Deposit Payments
(specific rates)

  • Full payment of the rental fee, including all sales tax shall be paid in full when the rental period is over and the area is ready to be vacated.
  • Upon arrival for the group camp rental period, a damage deposit in the amount of $50.00 shall be paid in full.
  • Damage deposits will be refunded only after inspection by authorized personnel to ensure the facility and furnishings are in satisfactory condition.
  • If it is necessary for Department personnel to clean up the facility or repair any damage beyond ordinary wear and tear, a log of the time spent in such cleanup or repair shall be kept. The damage deposit refund will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the applicable hourly wage of the employees for the time necessary to clean the area or repair the damage and the cost of any furnishings.
  • The deposit is not to be construed as a limit of liability for damage to state property. The Department may take legal action necessary to recover additional damage.

Cancellation Policy:
Individuals wishing to cancel a reservation must do so at least 30 calendar days prior to the rental date in order to receive a full refund of the reservation deposit or any rental fees paid in advance.

If it is necessary to cancel a reservation less than 30 days prior to arrival, a refund may be made under the following conditions:

  • Inclement weather prohibits arrival at or entrance to the state park/recreation area group camp area.
  • Personal emergency prevents arrival or requires departure prior to the end of the rental period. Personal emergency is defined to include a death, serious illness or accident involving immediate family. Rental fees may be refunded on a prorated basis in the case of early departure due to personal emergency.