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DNR Snowmobile Videos

YouTube: Snowmobile Safety, Iowa DNR (0:31)
YouTube: Ice Safety, Iowa DNR (0:31)
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Snowmobile Education Courses

For certification options recognized by the DNR, please go to 2013 Snowmobile Courses/education page.

Snowmobile Registrations Remain Strong in North America

A long-lasting winter and continued enthusiasm and interest in snowmobiling  powered snowmobile sales to increase worldwide to 144,601 new sleds sold this past year. 

Read more in the World-wide Snowmobile Sales Jump 12% ISMA Press Release

Iowa Snowmobile Rules and Regulations


Snowmobile Guide 2013

Join the Snowmobile List Serve

To receive information from the IDNR Snowmobile Program, join the program's list serve:

Special Event Permits

The Iowa DNR is authorized to approve a club or individual to hold an organized special events (an organized race, exhibition, or demonstration of limited duration which is conducted according to a prearranged schedule and in which general public interest is manifested) within the state if the event is scheduled to be held on public land or public ice. The DNR shall designate the equipment and facilities necessary for the safe operation of vehicles and for the safety of operators, participants, and observers.

Residents participating in a special event must display a current registration on their vehicles. Nonresidents must display a valid, Iowa nonresident user permit on their vehicles.

At least 30 days before the scheduled date of a special event, an application must be filed with the DNR using the Special Events web-based application found at

For more information, contact the Snowmobile Program Manager ( or call 515-238-3564.


Special Events Calendar

When individuals and groups want to use public land and water for events, they must apply for use of that resource through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  These events are compiled by the Special Events System and are displayed on a calendar of events.  These events can be searched by type, location, and date. 

To find events which may be of interest to you, please go to

Our Mission:
To provide sustainable, responsible recreation opportunities for owners of registered snowmobiles.