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2014 NASP State Championship Results: March 1, 2014

Iowa Afterschool League Program: 

Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students.  Through the Iowa National Archery in the schools program, students are exceling in a lifetime unique sport of archery.  Once schools complete the two week in-school target archery class, they have the oppouritnity to compete in our face to face afterschool league program.  

List of participating afterschool league programs

Have questions on how to start the afterschool program in your area, contact the Archery in the schools State Coordinator or view the map of Volunteer Advisory Members in your area.

Face to Face NASP Archery League - December TBD, 2014 through February TBD, 2015
Starting in December, all Iowa NASP schools will be eligible to participate in the seventh annual, Iowa NASP invitational league. This league will allow local schools to get together and conduct a competition-style NASP shoot. Results from each competition will be recorded, and posted to the NASP website creating a friendly, electronic competition. Top teams and individuals from the Invitational League will be recognized at the state shoot.
Please contact Iowa DNR Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator Donise Petersen if you are interested in hosting or attending an Invitational League shoot, or view the links below for currently scheduled events or information on how to host your own NASP league event.

Registration Information: 
To register for the Iowa NASP league event enroll your participants online at
New coach or having trouble registering or adding events?  View the tutorials at

Volunteer Tracking Hours:
All Iowa Archery in the Schools volunteers are required to track their volunteer hours.  Tracking volunteer hours is a requirement for our state agency and federal reports.  Competition and practice hours should be on seperate report forms.
NASP Volunteer Tracking Hours Form

League Event Rules Information, also view the 2014 State Rules for detailed information.

2014 Statewide League Scheduling of Events:
Scheduling a league event is now online using the NASP_PRO Tournament software

NASP_Pro Tournament Instructions
NASP_Pro Software Setup instructions
Create an Iowa League Tournament document
Instructions on to register for a tournament online


Scorecard Order Form
Practice Scorecard

Target Faces
School Order Form


NASP State Championships at the Iowa Deer Classic - March 1st, 2014
Mark your calendars for the sixth annual NASP State Shoot at the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. This will be the culminating state event for NASP in Iowa and will feature individual and team competition for elementary (4th and 5th), middle (6th - 8th) and high school (9-12) students from schools with NASP as part of their school curriculum. The Iowa Bowhunters Association and  Iowa State Archery Association  are providing two, $1,000 scholarships (one for the top senior boy archer and one for the top senior girl archer). Detailed information and registration materials can be found at the links below. Space is limited, so be sure to register early. Anyone interested in volunteering help for this event, or becoming an event sponsor please contact Donise Petersen, Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa DNR at 515-205-8709 or at

State Championships/ State Rules Information

State Championships Registration online

NASP National Championships - May 9/10, 2014, Louisville, KY
The national NASP event will once again be held in Louisville. Qualification at the State Championships will be required in order to attend this event.

NASP World Championships- July 11-13, 2014, Madison, WI
Worlds has been moved to a new location.

2014 NASP National and World Rules
Information in red is updated information and came directly from nationals.


2014 SCORES:

2014 Iowa NASP League Results:
Posted on 2/20/14
Ind Scores.xls
Team Scores.xls

2014 NASP State Championship Results: March 1, 2014

Scores posted on the National NASP website: 

2014 Iowa NASP All-State Team Results
Elementary All State Scores
Middle All State Scores
High School All State Scores


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