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Are there any comments you'd like to share with Project AWARE sponsors?

Many canoes and paddlers ready to volunteer on Project AWARE

2009 Responses:

This event has done as much for rivers as anything anyone has put together in the state.

I'm sure I echo many others when I give my heartfelt thanks to the sponsors. They help to make this all happen - positive learning experiences, excellent environmental cleanup opportunities, and a wonderful culture of people coming together with a common goal!

As I was looking through the list of sponsors, I found myself smiling and being proud that the businesses and organizations I frequent most are ones committed to making sure we have a healthy place to live. It is wonderful to see that you value this work.

Thanks! We are making an important statement.

Wonderful! What you are doing is vitally important to the water quality movement in this state and others who are watching.

A big thanks from the volunteers for helping to make this event possible, enabling us to clean Iowa's rivers

I appreciate the willingness of the AWARE sponsors to support the event, and their support raises my opinion of the sponsors involved.

Thank you for being a leader in caring about the environment and our waterways. Your sponsorship is noticed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support. Your contributions helped make this worthy cause possible.

Their support is highly appreciated and the money/equipment/etc is put to very good use.

Thanks and please keep it up - you make it possible to enlist an army of volunteers to do this project.

Thank you very much for your commitment to a cleaner Iowa and river quality!

Many, many thanks. What a great deal it is to spend a week on a river this way.

You make this event possible and all of us together are doing a wonderful thing for our state.

Thank you so much and next year, come along!

This was an awesome experience and everybody should be involved.

Keep the funding and sponsorship coming and challenge other corporate peers to become sponsors!

Thanks so much for keeping the work (and fun) of Project AWARE going.

2008 Responses:

We express enormous thanks to sponsors for making this remarkable trip possible. It is done on a shoe-string, but still has substantial costs and needs. Thus, sponsors' contributions are extraordinarily well-spent and effective. AWARE volunteers are, well, "aware" of the important role of the sponsors' in-kind and financial contributions to make this possible.

Thank you, kind sponsors. We do pay attention to who you are! We work hard to live up to your faith in us and we are very grateful for your contributions.

Sponsors should know that they are supporting not only a river clean-up, but fostering ownership of those waterways in the souls of all those who participate as well as many who simply witness the event. With that ownership comes commitment for the care of those rivers and the landscape they have carved.

I was extremely impressed with the organization of Project AWARE. The planners are true professionals in all aspects of the event. You can be assured that your sponsorship contribution is very well utilized!

Seeing the problems first hand on Project Aware has encouraged me to be even more active in this cause.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of gets your Iowa workers and citizens making Iowa a better place, which of course will attract better workers for your business. If we don't have clean water to drink and quality outdoor recreation here in Iowa, then we won't much to offer our future Iowa workforce.

Recognition on the Project AWARE trailer is the single greatest piece of advertising in existence.

Thank you for helping to enable an incredible project.

Thank you for supporting this proactive program which, with your support, is able to provide an incredible, rewarding, fun experience for individuals and families. Additionally, this program is providing excellent support services, all the paddling equipment, camping areas, cleanup needs like gloves, sanitizer, bags, etc. Being able to provide so much makes it economically possible for a much wider, diverse group of people to attend, learn, and share the experience.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your sponsorship & tell others they can "feel good" about sponsoring too; next year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of you, Project Aware leaders were able to provide the participants with a low cost way for a labor intensive yet fun-filled and soul-satisfying week.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This wonderful trip would not exist if it weren't for you. Your contributions allow for some wonderful things to happen, including a love for rivers, important cleanup, and some new friendships developing.

Thanks for sponsoring and why don't you also come along for a day or two?

Thanks to all the sponsors. Without great sponsors Project Aware could not be the huge success that it has become.

To all the sponsors - without their help this work would not happen on this level - thank you!

This event wouldn't be possible without you... each and every one of you... no matter your level of contribution. From granola bars, to campsites, to portable toilets, to monetary donations...the effect is priceless. Thank you!

We are appreciative of their willingness to support AWARE in its endeavor to improve the condition of our state.

Without the sponsors, the trip would simply not be as organized, comfortable, and comprehensive as it was. The trip and project was just that much "richer" for their assistance - thank you.

Your sponsorship is appreciated and really does help to keep the rivers clean.

2007 Responses:

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank them for making this event possible. I feel it is so important to be giving back in such a manner.

The awareness that is initiated by this effort is more far reaching than would be imagined.

Thank you for your support. We couldn't do it without you!!!!!

This is the most fun I've ever had volunteering.

Thank you! This is an amazing project of people working together to improve the quality of living for everyone.

Thanks for sponsoring us!! We really appreciate the opportunity to experience Iowa's rivers and help make a difference. A lot more Iowans are more "aware" of water issues because of you!

Big Thanks - please help in person or visit so that you can see what a special event this is.

This is a great program - keep up the great work!

Thanks and please continue to support Project AWARE.

Thanks so much for all you do. This is the best time I have ever had and would miss it tremendously if it weren't available.

Thanks for helping make this project a great success.

Thank you. Your money is well spent.

I'm anxious to spend another week's vacation on AWARE next year! Thanks so much for helping make a difference in IOWA!

Thank you, and please keep sponsoring this wonderful event.

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