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NPDES Pesticides General Permit

In accordance with Federal Requirements in the Clean Water Act, the NPDES section developed a general permit for the application of pesticides to Waters of the United States (WOUS).  Coverage under this permit is required for pesticide applications that result in residue discharges to WOUS.  Applicable pesticide applications include those for control of mosquitoes and other aquatic nuisance insects, control of weeds, algae, bacteria, fungi and fish parasites, control of aquatic nuisance animals, and forest canopy pest control.

The Final Rule concerning the pesticides General Permit (PGP) was adopted at the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) meeting on January 18, 2011.  The Pesticide General Permit for Point Source Discharges to Waters of the United States from the Application of Pesticides become effective March 30, 2011.

Please see the links below for more information concerning the PGP, the waterbodies referenced in the permit, and forms required by the permit.

Final General Permit #7 and Additional Information PDF Link
Pesticides General Permit #7
PDF File Format
Pesticides General Permit Rationale
PDF File Format
Pesticide General Permit Summary Tables PDF File Format
Waterbody Reference Tables for Pesticides General Permit PDF Link
Iowa Waterbodies Designated for Drinking Water Use (Class C) PDF File Format
Outstanding Iowa Waters (OIW)
PDF File Format
Topeka Shiner Habitat Maps PDF File Format

Pesticide General Permit Forms DNR form # Form Type and Link
Class C Waters Form
coming soon
Notice of Intent (NOI) Form
coming soon
Notice of Discontinuation (NOD) Form   coming soon 


For more information on the PGP or the PGP forms, please contact:
Adam Schnieders 515-725-8403
Courtney Cswercko 515-725-8411
Wendy Hieb 515-725-8405

For more information on EPA's draft NPDES permit for pesticides, please see EPA's Pesticides page.