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Groundwater Professional Bulletin Board

Posted 06/08/15     Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Reports

Posted 10/16/14     Laboratories and Quantitation Limits

Posted 10/03/14     Monitoring Well Soil Sampling

Posted 09/02/14     Water Well Receptor Survey

Posted 08/20/14     Institutional Controls

Posted 07/27/14     Report Submittals - In an effort to reduce the amount of paper the DNR must process, store, and archive all report submittals may be double sided.

Posted 07/10/14     Revised Documents and Forms

Posted 05/13/14     Fund Sunset Working Group is meeting on May 15 at PMCI Offices -- More information and the notes from the last meeting can be found on the UST Fund Board webpage

Posted 04/17/14     Fuel Transfers to Underground Storage Tanks: We have had a couple overfill incidents over the past month.  With this attachment, the DNR’s UST Section reminds you to use your best training when transferring fuel to underground storage tanks.   Please help us out by forwarding to others who may not be on our mailing list.
Posted 03/27/14     Evaluation of Corrective Action Conferences
Posted 08/13/13     Soil Sampling Guidance For Non-High Risk Sites
Posted 08/23/12     Groundwater Sampling at UST Closure
Posted 03/14/12     Chemical Injection Permits
Posted 03/12/12     Soil Percentage Reduction
Posted 02/23/12     Leaking Underground Storage Tank Forum, February 29, 2012, 10:00 am
Posted 01/20/12     Supplemental Guidance for Water Line Evaluations

** The Document Library below is sorted by posting date with the year of the posting at the beginning.

Document Library

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Document DescriptionSize 
1999-0707gwbb.pdf MTBE Rules Adopted by EPC27.00 KB
1999-0714gwbb.pdf MTBE Sampling Guidance14.00 KB
1999-0721gwbb.pdf Format for Reporting MTBE Analytical Results38.00 KB
1999-0723bgwbb.pdf Confirmation Sampling Update29.00 KB
1999-0723gwbb.pdf Installation of Source Monitoring Wells at Nongranular Bedrock Sites30.00 KB
1999-1001gwbb.pdf Listing of Properties on the Affected Property Owner Table30.00 KB
2000-0202gwbb.pdf 300 Feet On-Site Well Survey Guidance30.00 KB
2000-0215gwbb.pdf MTBE Report31.00 KB
2000-0313gwbb.pdf Guidance for Using TEH Data35.00 KB
2000-0504bgwbb.pdf Tier 1 Report Reviews29.00 KB
2000-0504gwbb.pdf Guidance for RBCA Report Schedule Extension Requests35.00 KB
2000-0523gwbb.pdf Vapor Sampling Guidance45.00 KB
2000-0802bgwbb.pdf Questions Presented at Meeting with Consultants on July 20, 200030.00 KB
2000-0802gwbb.pdf Plastic Water Line Sampling31.00 KB
2000-0821gwbb.pdf Use of Free Product Defaults in the Tier 2 Software54.00 KB
2000-0912gwbb.pdf P Wells30.00 KB
2000-1009gwbb.pdf Tier 1 & 2 Contamination Plume Maps34.00 KB
2001-0312gwbb.pdf Groundwater Ingestion Pathway34.00 KB
2001-0620gwbb.pdf Vapor Wells29.00 KB
2002-0130gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report General Comments32.00 KB
2002-0725gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report Errors30.00 KB
2002-0906gwbb.pdf DNR Field Office Contact29.00 KB
2002-1023gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report Checklist155.00 KB
2002-1031bgwbb.pdf Tier 1 Report Review Checklists159.00 KB
2002-1031gwbb.pdf Tier 2 Report Review Checklists816.00 KB
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