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Underground Storage Tanks (UST) 

The Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Section is responsible for the regulation of underground storage tank systems used for the storage of regulated substances, primarily petroleum products. Staff in the section work with the owners of sites on the detection, prevention and correction of releases of products from underground tanks.

The section also reviews whether owners and operators can meet financial responsibility requirements to ensure they are able to clean up releases of product. New tank systems must meet minimum design and construction standards and older tank systems must be upgraded to meet these new standards. Investigation and remediation of contamination are based on Iowa’s risk-based corrective action rules and model. All regulated tank systems must be registered with the state.

New Tier 1, Tier 2 (v 2.51 and 3.0), and Tier 2 Bedrock Software Available

12/2014- The DNR UST Section is pleased to announce that editions of the Tier 1, Tier 2 (v 2.51 and 3.0), and Tier 2 Bedrock software compatible with post-XP versions of Windows are now available for download.  You will need to register the file on your computer to allow the post-Windows XP-friendly Tier software to run properly.  The instructions will walk you through this process.

These new editions of the Iowa RBCA software are not new versions; rather, they have been modified only to allow use on newer computers.  They will deliver risks and plumes identical to versions previously available.  If you discover any disagreement between the new editions and previous editions of the same software version, please contact the appropriate DNR project manager immediately.


06/2014-  Unattended Pressurized UST Sites

06/2014-  Emergency Policy Flood Guidance

05/2014- Fund Sunset Working Group is meeting on May 15 at PMCI Offices -- More information and the notes from the last meeting can be found on the UST Fund Board webpage

04/2014- Delivery Prohibition to UST Sites that Have Not Been Issued Annual Tank Management Tags Memo

Annual tank tags may not have been issued due to non-payment of the tank management fee, temporary closure, lack of current pollution liability insurance, no trained Class A/B operator or an outstanding violation.  Red tags are attached to the fill port to prohibit fuel delivery due to outstanding violations.

Please read the above letter and review the fuel prohibition site list.  Remember, if you deliver to an underground storage tank that does not have a current yearly tag or is red tagged, you  are subject to enforcement action and fines. 

Check the delivery prohibition list often as it will change as sites come into compliance.  Be sure to remind your drivers to check for a current tags or a red fuel delivery prohibition tag.   Do not deliver fuel simply because they are a regular customer,  claim they have the tag or that the red tag was lifted even though the site is still on the fuel prohibition list. 

Fuel Delivery Prohibition List

04/2014- Fuel Transfers to Underground Storage Tanks: We have had a couple overfill incidents over the past month.  With this attachment, the DNR’s UST Section reminds you to use your best training when transferring fuel to underground storage tanks.   Please help us out by forwarding to others who may not be on our mailing list.
03/2014- Evaluation of Corrective Action Conferences
01/2014- Class A & Class B Operator Training Course Schedule

Storage Tanks Database Web Application:

This application is a joint venture between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Public Safety State Fire Marshal Office (SFM).  It presents in one application all the storage tanks in Iowa containing regulated substances, primarily petroleum products.  These consist of Underground Storage Tanks (UST), Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST), and Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST).  This site is for public viewing and does not require a login.

The UST are the underground storage of regulated substances, primarily petroleum products. The LUST indicates the report or cleanup of a release of petroleum product. The AST are primarily the aboveground storage of combustible or flammable products.

The database provides information about the UST site location, the site owners, tanks, Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA), site classification and remediation.  View the current status of underground storage tank and leaking underground storage tank sites.

Storage Tanks Database Web Application Help Document will assist in the  navigation of the database.

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