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Contact Info

SPARS Helpdesk:
Phone: 515-725-9523
Fax: 515-725-9501

Iowa DNR - Air Quality Bureau
7900 Hickman Rd. Suite #1
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

SPARS - Overview

SPARS (State Permitting and Air Reporting System) Web is a web-based program designed to allow citizens, industry and the public access to a wide array of air pollution control information. SPARS Web provides the following features:

What SPARS can be used for:

  • Fill out and submit construction and operating permit applications on-line via the Web.
  • Update and submit Title V and Minor Source emission inventories.
  • Reduce data entry by importing existing information in SPARS into permit applications and emission inventories.
  • Enter consistent information easier via drop down lists for choices of valid information.
  • Attach supporting documentation in TIF, Microsoft Office, HTML formats, etc.
  • Maintain a current list of equipment and site information.

The Public can use SPARS (without password access) to:

  • Track local permit applications and issued permits.
  • Follow the DNR's permit application review via the Internet.

Facilities can use SPARS (password required) to:

  • Download spreadsheets displaying emissions data submitted in Title V Forms 3.0 and 4.0 and in Minor Source Forms INV-3 and INV-4.

The DNR uses SPARS to:

  • Receive consistent and valid information from applicants electronically.
  • Maintain air quality data in database.
  • Query data during permit reviews.
  • Generate special reports for internal and external uses.
  • Allow users to view data simultaneously.

The SPARS Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the DNR related to the current and future operations of SPARS.