Fur Harvester Education

Fur Harvester Education is not-mandatory in Iowa in order to hunt or trap.  This course is designed to give participants the knowledge, skill, attitude, and judgment to selectively and responsibly trap furbearing animals for the many benefits it provides.

Participants who attend a hands-on Iowa Fur Harvester Education Workshop will receive instruction on:

  • History and heritage of the fur trade;
  • Biology and management of Iowa furbearers;
  • Wildlife regulations and their purpose;
  • Ethics and responsibility;
  • Fur harvesting equipment;
  • The basics of harvesting Iowa Furbearers;
  • Marketing Furbearers;
  • Public relations; and
  • The basics of outdoor safety and survival.

To sign up for a hands-on Fur Harvester Education Workshop search our Statewide Online Database under "Advanced Hunter Education Courses" for an upcoming workshop in your area!

The Iowa DNR also recognizes the online Today's Trapper Course as a means to receive certification.  Those students wishing to complete the course online to receive certification must complete the course by clicking the link below and following the additional instructions to receive an Iowa Fur Harvester Education Certificate.

To take the online Today's Trapper Course visit:

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Trapping & Furharvesting Seasons

We work hard to keep our calendar current, but always refer to the hunting regulation booklet for official, legal season dates.