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Canadian Goose by Lowell Washburn

UPDATED! APPROVED waterfowl season dates as of 8-14-14

Special September Teal-
Statewide: September 6th - September 21st

Ducks, Mergansers and Coots-
North zone: October 4th- 19th, October 25th- December 7th
South zone: October 4th- 8th, October 18th- December 11th
MO River zone: October 4th- 8th, October 25th- December 18th

Youth waterfowl days-
North zone: September 27th- 28th
South zone: October 11th- 12th
MO River zone: October 18th- 19th

Canada Geese and Brant-
North zone: September 27th- January 2nd, 2015
South zone: October 4th- January 9th, 2015
MO River zone: October 11th- January 15th, 2015

White- fronted geese
North zone: September 27th- December 9th
South zone: October 4th- December 16th
MO River zone: October 11th- December 23rd

Light Geese (white and blue phase snow geese and Ross' geese)
North zone: September 27th- January 11th, 2015
South zone: October 4th- January 16th, 2015
MO zone: October 11th- January 16th, 2015

Special September Canada goose season-
September 6th- 14th (in designated zones around Des Moines, Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, and Cedar Falls/Waterloo)

Light Goose Conservation Order-
Statewide: January 17th- April 15th, 2015

Doves (Mourning and Eurasian Collared)-
Statewide: September 1st- November 9th

Statewide: October 4th- November 17th

Statewide: September 6th- November 30th

Rail (Sora and Virginia)-
Statewide: September 6th- November 14th

2014-15 Migratory Game Bird Regulations

Fees, Special Hunts, Migratory Game Bird Season Dates, Migratory Game Bird Hunting Regulations, Reporting Banded Ducks and Geese, DNR Wildlife Refuges, Areas Closed to Waterfowl Hunting, National Wildlife Refuges, Areas Closed to Canada Goose Hunting, Sunrise/Sunset Table, Trumpeter Swan Identification, Mourning Doves Information


Wetland Habitat Conditions

The Annual Process of Developing Waterfowl Hunting Regulations

Migratory game bird regulations are governed by a cooperative process involving Iowa government rules, nationally with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and internationally with Canada under the Migratory Game Bird Treaty. This is a step by step process that begins in January of each year and must be followed in order that the waterfowl seasons are allowed to open each fall. Process of Developing Waterfowl Regulations


Iowa Waterfowl Hunter Preference Survey

A survey of waterfowl hunters was conducted in Iowa in 2011 to determine how hunters preferred the duck and goose seasons be structured for the next 5 years and when they preferred to hunt ducks and geese. The resulting information was used to formulate a season that is the best fit for all of Iowa’s waterfowlers. Even with 60 days for ducks and 90 days for geese, the resulting season is a compromise amongst all of the varied and competing styles of waterfowling, both traditional and modern. 2011 Waterfowl Hunter Survey Report


Iowa Hunter Preference for a special September teal season

For the first time since 1969, Iowa will be allowed to offer a special September teal hunting season. A special September teal hunting season would be a significant change to Iowa’s waterfowl hunting season structure. Therefore the DNR conducted a survey to quantify hunters’ opinions on a special September teal season. 2014 Teal Season Survey


On-line Identification Guides 

(U.S.G.S. -- Northern Prairie Science Center), Collaborative Effort of waterfowl managers across the continent

Duck Management:

Habitat Acquisition Statistics: Prairie Pothole Joint Venture
Nest Structures for Ducks and Geese (Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center)
Wood Duck Nest Boxes
A simple wood duck box design.  Fill with several inches of course wood shavings (not sawdust) and place on pipes over water.  Erecting the boxes over land or in trees invites predators and extra measures must be taken to predator proof your nest box.