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Canadian Goose by Lowell Washburn

2015-16 Migratory Game Bird Regulations

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Wetland Habitat Conditions

The Annual Process of Developing Waterfowl Hunting Regulations
Migratory game bird regulations are governed by a cooperative process involving Iowa government rules, nationally with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and internationally with Canada under the Migratory Game Bird Treaty. This is a step by step process that begins in January of each year and must be followed in order that the waterfowl seasons are allowed to open each fall. Process of Developing Waterfowl Regulations

Iowa DNR to Develop Recommendations on Waterfowl Hunting Zones and Season Structure to be implemented in 2017.
The Iowa DNR will have the opportunity to submit changes to the waterfowl hunting zones and season structure to USFWS in May 2016. The DNR's recommendation will be based on hunter input, waterfowl hunter surveys, and an analysis of hunter participation, harvest, and migration information.  Process for Implementing Zone and Season Structure Recommendations

Duck Info, Collaborative Effort of waterfowl managers across the continent

Duck Management:

Habitat Acquisition Statistics: Prairie Pothole Joint Venture

Wood Duck Nest Boxes
A simple wood duck box design.  Fill with several inches of course wood shavings (not sawdust) and place on pipes over water.  Erecting the boxes over land or in trees invites predators and extra measures must be taken to predator proof your nest box.