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Ingham Lake

General Information

County: Emmet
Location: 6 miles east of Wallingford
Acres: 357.00
Maximum Depth: 12 ft. (1973 - Maximum depth - 12 feet.)
Motoring Restrictions: none


Amenities at Ingham Lake include:
  • Boat Access
  • Beach
  • Trails
  • Camping
  • Hard Surface Boat Ramp

Fishing Report

No recent updates

Fishing Forecast

2014 INGHAM LAKE FISHING FORECAST Due to the 2007/2008 winterkill at Ingham Lake; walleye anglers will require persistence and patience in order to catch quality (15.0 – 19.9 inches) sized fish; however, anglers will note an influx of stock (10 – 15 inches) size fish, approaching 12.0 inches in the catch. Excellent walleye growth, a common trademark of this lake, will boost the walleye population numbers and provide excellent opportunities for large fish in the next few years. Crappie anglers fishing the shallow water habitat during April and May will catch fish comprised of white crappie approaching 12.0 inches during the upcoming spring 2014 season. Continued good growth of the crappie population will provide an upswing to the fishery as excellent number of black and white crappie 10 inches and larger will be available for the winter 2014 and spring 2015 season. Channel catfish opportunities will be limited for the next few angling seasons at Ingham Lake. Continued good growth of the channel catfish stocked during 2012 will provide an upswing to the fishery during the 2016 season as numbers of angler acceptable size fish will be available. Anglers will need patience as limited opportunities will result in increased times between bites; however, persistence will be rewarded with good numbers of fish approaching 14 inches in the creel. Secondary fish species like northern pike and yellow perch caught by anglers will be an occasional event. “Bull headers” will experience excellent angling at Ingham Lake for several years with numerous angler acceptable size fish available. (2013)

Lake Maps

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Popular Fish Species at this Lake


Fish Surveys

Lake Fish Survey Data Data from the most recent fisheries survey of this lake is provided on this external web site. This data may include information from various netting surveys and/or electroshocking surveys. Data includes numbers of fish sampled, and fish size ranges. Not all lakes are sampled every year.

Lake Mini-report

Lake Reports Summary report information about selected (~130) lakes regarding water quality, upstream land use, usage, economic value and more. Reports are customizable by the user to include only that information which the user desires to include.

Water Quality

Iowa-Caught Fish Are Safe to Eat, In Almost All Cases

The vast majority of Iowa’s streams, rivers and lakes offer safe and high-quality fish that pose little or no threat to human health if consumed. Some limitations may apply for young children and pregnant women. Here’s a Fish Consumption Fact Sheet from the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Dept. of Public Health for more information. Here is a list of current fish consumption advisories for Iowa lakes and rivers.