Water Quality Improvement Plan Schedule

Listed below are water quality improvement plans scheduled to be developed in 2012-2015. Draft plans that are open for public comment are available on our watershed news page.

If you have questions regarding specific waterbodies or impairments, please contact Jeff Berckes at 515-725-8391 or Jeff.Berckes@dnr.iowa.gov.


Waterbodies scheduled for development:
Individual Lake Plans County
Lake Plans 2013-2016    
Avenue of the Saints Lake Bremer pH, Turbidity, Algae
Beaver Lake Dallas Algae, Turbidity
Beeds Lake Franklin Algae
Little River Lake Decatur Turbidity, Algal Growth/Chlorophyll a
Otter Creek Lake Tama Algae, Turbidity
Central Park Lake Jones Bacteria, Algae, pH
Lake Pahoja Lyon Bacteria, Algae, Ammonia
Browns Lake Woodbury Turbidity, Bacteria
Lake Manawa Pottawattamie Turbidity, Algae
DeSoto Bend Harrison Turbidity, Algae
Backbone Lake Delaware Bacteria
Windmill Lake Taylor algae, turbidity, pH

Basin Projects
Iowa River Basin Project 2013 - 2015    
Coralville Reservoir Johnson  Turbidity
Eldred Sherwood Lake Hancock Bacteria, Algae
Crystal Lake Hancock Bacteria
Iowa Lake Iowa pH, algae
Kent Park Lake Johnson  ph, algae
Lake MacBride Johnson  pH, Algae, Bacteria
Lower Pine Lake Hardin Bacteria
Muddy Creek - 3 Segments Johnson  Sewage sludge; ammonia
Ralston Creek - 3 Segments Johnson  Priority Organics
Upper Pine Lake Hardin Algae
Iowa River Basin (24 Segments) 8 counties Bacteria
Chariton River Basin Project
Chariton River   Lucas Low DO
Chariton River Basin (13 segments) 3 Counties Bacteria
Bob White Lake Wayne Algae, Bacteria
Rathbun Reservoir Appanoose Algae, Turbidity

Biological Impairments -    
Stressor Identification Projects
Lyons Creek Hamilton Biological
Wapsipinicon River Mitchell Biological
Middle Fork Grand Ringgold Biological
Pecks Creek Clayton Biological
Willow Creek Clay Biological

Please note:
Plan schedules are subject to change due to future impaired waters lists.

DNR Contact
Jeff Berckes
Water Quality Improvement Plan (TMDL) Program Coordinator