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Certified IOWATER monitors can now upload data to the database.  To do so, you will need to create an A&A account with the State of Iowa.  Instructions for creating an A&A account are in the document below.  

When you click on IOWATER database and either "Register a Site" or "Submit Data" you will be prompted to create your account.  Please store your login id and password in a safe place.  The IOWATER staff will not be able to assist you with resetting your password -- if you need assistance with your A&A account, you will need to contact the State ITE staff directly at 515-281-5703 or 800-532-1174.  

After you create your A&A account and password, you will have 48 hours to complete your A&A account.  Next, IOWATER staff will need to set your database permission before you can begin to submit data.  Our goal is to have permissions set within 1-3 business days.  We will send you an email to confirm that your permissions have been set and you are ready to submit data. 

If you run into issues with entering data into the database, please contact Mary Skopec (IOWATER coordinator) at Mary.Skopec@dnr.iowa.gov for assistance and troubleshooting.     

Creating an A&A Account

IOWATER Database

  • Register a new IOWATER site. To register a site, you will need to provide the Longitude and Latitude of your site (rather than UTM X and Y).  Find Longitude and Latitude by using the Water Monitoring Atlas
  • Submit chemical, physical or biological data to the IOWATER database.  
  • View IOWATER data.  The database is searchable by site, county, water body or by volunteer.

Get UTMs  Click here to determine the monitoring location for your site.

Water Monitoring Atlas  

Water Monitoring Atlas is a searchable map that allows users to view and download data for IOWATER and professional water monitoring sites.   The atlas allows the user to view other environmental data such as wastewater treatment facilities, impaired waters, and watershed boundaries.


Find and download the DNR's professional monitoring data for rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands in the STORET database.  You can search by waterbody, site, date, and pollutant.