Forms and Guidance


 Information Booklets

Private Well Consumer Information Booklet

A guidance booklet designed to help private well owners understand private well construction and well ownership.
IDNR Publication No. 542-8168

   Iowa Groundwater Basics 

A Geological Guide to the Occurrence, Use, and Vulnerability of Iowa's Aquifers

   Well Water Quality and Home Treatment Systems
An informational booklet by the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa.  This booklet provides a guide to well water contaminants and effective water treatment devices.

Generic State well construction application

Please note - local counties may use their own application form. Please check with your local county permitting local county permitting authority.

Form 542-0988

Form 542-0998

Consumer Information Booklet Order Form Form 542-8169 
Well Plugging Form Form 542-1226
Well Reconstruction Record Form Form 542-1519
Well Water Testing Record Form Form 542-1207
Well Log Form (IIHR-IGS Well Record Form) Fillable Form 

 Guidance Documents
 What should I do when my well floods?
 Test and Observation Well Guidance and Procedures for Drilling Projects Related to Public Water Supplies
GP6 Summary Guidance - Guidance Document for Well Construction and Well Service Discharges A brief Guide to Developing a Well Water Pollution Prevention Plan and Using Best Management Practices
Advisory on the Occurrence of PCBs in Older Submersible Water Well Pumps
Well Interference Technical Bulletin No. 23
High Capacity Well Technical Bulletin No. 23.1

567 Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Private Well Rules

 567 IAC Chapter 38 - Private Water Well Construction Permits  
 567 IAC Chapter 39 - Requirements for Properly Plugging Abandoned Wells
 567 IAC Chapter 49 - Construction Standards - Nonpublic Water Supply Wells
 567 IAC Chapter 82 - Well Contractor Certification
 Private Well Related Administrative Code Definitions

Other Resources

Iowa DNR Facility Explorer

A GIS based mapping system that allows you to view information about many of the permitted or otherwise monitored sites around the state.

Iowa DNR Field Services Offices

The Field Services and Compliance Bureau includes six environmental services field offices throughout the state. They are the local representatives of the IDNR Environmental Services Division, and their primary task is helping people to understand the environmental services programs.
Field Office mapField Office #1, Manchester - Northeast, Iowa
Field Office #2, Mason City - North Central, Iowa
Field Office #3, Spencer - Northwest, Iowa
Field Office #4, Atlantic - Southwest, Iowa
Field Office #5, Des Moines - South Central, Iowa
Field Office #6, Washington - Southeast, Iowa

Spill Reporting

The State of Iowa requires any person manufacturing, storing, handling, transporting, or disposing of a hazardous substance to notify the department and local law enforcement of the occurrence of a hazardous condition. The notification should be made as soon as possible but not later than six hours after the onset or discovery of the hazardous condition. Local law enforcement is also required by Iowa Code to report a "Hazardous Condition" to the department within six hours.

If In Doubt…Report It!


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Iowa Groundwater Basics by the Iowa Geologcial Survey