Permitted Waste Tire Storage and Processing Facilities

Waste Tire ShredderFacilities that store, process and recycle waste tires are required to have a permit for their operation through the department. All facilities must store tires in a manner to reduce risk of fire or environmental impact.

Quick facts for waste tire facilities:

  • Permit required, $850 annual fee
  • Permitted waste tire storage facilities must carry a bond equivalent to $.85 per tire stored
  • Permitted tire processing facilities may only store the amount of tires they can process in three working days. Additional storage requires a bond of $.85 per tire
  • A permitted processor may only store a maximum of 50,000 tires in any combination of processing capacity or financial assurance
  • Open burning of any type is prohibited at a tire processing/storage facility
  • Tire piles at a permitted storage facility must be 300 feet from the nearest property line
  • Tire piles at a tire processing facility must be 50 feet from any property line or building on site

State laws and rules for waste tire storage/processing facilities

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