Waste Tire Hauler Registration

Truck hauling waste tiresIndividuals or firms engaged in the hauling of waste tires for a fee must register annually with the department before hauling waste tires in Iowa, according to Iowa law. This law applies to firms that pick up tires within Iowa or that bring waste tires to Iowa for disposal, storage or processing.

Quick Facts for waste tire haulers:

  • Must register if hauling for a fee, and if carrying more than 40 tires in single load
  • Fee is $50 per year
  • The hauler must post a $10,000 surety bond
  • The hauler must transport tires to a permitted facility for storage, disposal or processing within 72 hours
  • The hauler may not establish any temporary storage, transfer or sorting facilities for the waste tires collected, unless properly permitted

State laws and rules for waste tire haulers:

Application and Reporting Documents:

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