Mercury Thermostat Recycling

Mercury Thermostat

Iowa Code 455D.16 establishes a program for the collection and recycling of mercury thermostats. The major provisions of the law are:

  • Ban on the sale of mercury thermostats starting July 1, 2009
  • Mercury thermostats must be managed as hazardous or universal waste
  • Manufacturers will develop and implement a plan for recycling mercury thermostats
  • Wholesalers will act as collection points
  • Retailers will provide recycling information to consumers
  • Collection goals to be set by department by January 1, 2009, in consultation with stakeholders

To find a thermostat collection point near you or to become a collection point, please go to:

Manufacturer's Plans:

The owner of a brand of mercury thermostats that was sold in the state of Iowa is required to submit a plan for the collection of thermostats.

The following two plans have been approved:

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