Appliance Recycling

Appliances frequently contain hazardous materials such as refrigerants, mercury-containing devices and PCB capacitors. Iowa requires that all discarded appliances be demanufactured by a permitted appliance demanufacturer prior to disposal.

Demanufacturers remove the hazardous components and dispose of them in an environmentally sound manner prior to recycling the metal.

There are many locations that collect discarded appliances for processing by a permitted demanufacturer. To locate a collection site near you, contact your local solid waste agency.

Appliance Demanufacturing Permitting (ADP) Information

IAC Chapter 567-118: Discarded Appliance Demanufacturing

Appliance Demanufacturing Operator Training

A person who has completed DNR-approved training must be on-site at all times when appliance demanufacturing is taking place.

DNR Contact
Susan Johnson