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The Iowa Strategic Goals Program is a voluntary program that encourages and assists metal finishing companies in exceeding environmental compliance limits. Iowa Strategic Goals Program member companies are offered incentives and resources as they work to achieve specific environmental goals.

The Iowa Strategic Goals Program brings the metal finishing industry and state and local government regulators together, working to improve environmental performance.

Goals - The program's environmental goals include:

  • 50 percent Water Reduction
  • 25 percent Energy Reduction
  • 50 percent Reduction in Overall Sludge Generation
  • 50 percent Reduction in Metals Emissions
  • 98 percent Metal Utilization
  • 90 percent Reduction in Organic TRI Emissions

Benefits - ISGP offers the following services and benefits to its participating metal finishers. While many of these services and benefits are available to all business and industry, some benefits are only available to ISGP participants upon completion of specific environmental goals. Potential benefits of participating in the Iowa Strategic Goals Program include:

  • Free confidential assistance visit
  • Opportunity to engage in open dialogue with city, state and federal agencies to discuss issues of concern to Iowa metal finishers
  • Opportunity to voice regulatory concerns to national SGP
  • Positive recognition
  • Access to compliance and waste reduction experts
  • Reduced monitoring by POTW to federal minimum levels*
  • Assistance in identifying and applying for low interest loans
  • Low inspection priority**

* only available from participating POTWs
** requires DNR approval

DNR Contact
Jeff Fiagle