UST System Installation

The Iowa licensed installer and the owner/operator must notify the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of their intent to install an underground storage tank (UST) or product piping at least 30 days prior to installation. This notification requirement applies to all USTs that will contain a petroleum or hazardous substance. Contact the local Fire Department to ensure all the necessary local requirements and permits are met. All UST systems must meet the technical requirement of 567--Chapter 135.15(455B) of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC).

After installation of the UST system, you have 30 days to submit a registration form to the DNR along with appropriate fees. IDNR considers installation complete once the final 3rd party installation inspection has been completed. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the registration form and required attachments are submitted with the fees.

A copy of the registration form can be obtained from the DNR UST section or the DNR's web site. There is one time registration fee of $10 plus an annual $65 tank management fee due per tank compartment for tanks over 1,100 gallons. There is an additional $250 fee per tank compartment for failing to register within the 30 days after installation is complete


What needs to be submitted to the department:


The following documents are required to be submitted to the Department (the tank owner/operator should maintain a copy of all submitted documents):

1. Intent to Install Notice - 30 days prior to installation

2. Form #148 with attachments - 30 days after the final 3rd Party Installation Inspection has been completed

  • Payment of $10 Registration Fee and $65 Tank Management Fee per tank compartment
  • Detailed site diagram (tank layout, piping runs, street references, and dispensers numbered)
  • UST System Tightness Test Results - confirms UST system is tight with no damage incurred during shipping or installation.
  • Copy of Class A/B operator training certification
  • Third Party Installation Inspection Checklist—submitted by the installation inspector within 14 days after the final inspection.
  • Signed and dated by both the certified installer and owner

Additional documents required if applicable

  • NESHAP (Air Quality) requirements
  • UST System Checklist for Equipment Compatibility - Required for tanks/equipment containing a biofuel greater than 10% Ethanol

3. Certification of Financial Responsibility - must be submitted before USTs are allowed to operate 

Proof of financial responsibility to address environmental contamination and third part liability resulting from the operation of the tank system is also required. This is usually in the form of pollution liability insurance certificate.


Notice to UST Owners

Storage tank owners should verify which activities a person is certified to conduct before employing his or her services.  For example, a person certified only to conduct an underground tank removal cannot perform a tank installation.

Owners / operators are encouraged to obtain bids from several contractors.  Once an inspector, installer or tank handler is chosen, obtain a written contract that describes the work to be performed and what will happen if unplanned events occur, such as discovery of additional tanks or contaminated soil, or compliance violations, etc.

A list of certified companies and individuals providing petroleum services can be found on the Iowa Licensed UST Professionals website.

  Documents and Forms *.doc *.pdf
 542-0011 Change in Ownership
 542-0069 Installer Inspection Checklist
 542-0103 Returning an UST to Service Form
      Returning an UST System to Service Guidance  
 542-0104 Notification of Intent to Install
 542-0153 Secondary Containment Testing Report Form
 542-3266 UST Registration Form #148
 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)