Cathodic Protection System

Cathodic Protection System Inspection Forms

Underground storage tanks and piping constructed with steel or other metal in direct contact with the soil must be protected from corrosion with a cathodic protection system. This includes piping steel flex connectors in contact with the soil.

These cathodic protection systems are required to have a complete inspection every three years by a qualified cathodic protection tester. The Cathodic Protection System Inspection Report form must be used by the tester to record the results of the system inspection. The form and the testers report must be kept as part of the records and be available for review by the compliance inspectors.

Chart for Recording Ampere and Voltage Meter Readings on Rectifiers

Tank owners/operators with an impressed current cathodic protection system are required to read the ampere and voltage meters on the rectifier at least every 60 days. These readings must be kept as part of the site’s records and made available to the cathodic protection tester for the three year system test. This chart may be used to record the rectifier readings.

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