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04/2017 – Voluntary Recall of OPW hose swivels manufactured/distributed from 2013 to early 2017.  The potential danger is failure of the swivel causing separation.  This could potentially lead to an open hose situation leading to a fuel spill, potential environmental and fire hazard.  If the swivel fails, there is no “automatic shutoff” in any system that will recognize the swivel failure to shut down the flow of product. 

The arrangement that OPW agreed to with the Consumer Protection Agency is to offer free parts replacements of the swivels, however any costs associated with installation is not covered by this recall. OPW stated that continual use of the existing swivels will be at the tank owner’s risk.

Recall Alert - OPW Swivels


  • November 2009 - This issue highlights owner/operator training, fuel delivery prohibition, licensed removers, NESHAP, and ARRA award to Iowa
  • Fall 2006 - This issue highlights the Compliance Inspection process, coming changes to the UST rules, monitoring wells, and the Federal Energy Act.
  • Spring 2005 - This issue highlights converting to storing E-85 and the proposed changes to the UST regulations.
  • April 1997 - This issue provides an overview of Iowa's risk-based corrective action RBCA approach.

UST Biennial Report

The  report and its appendices are an overview of the activities and information gathered over a two year period. It is not intended to represent a comprehensive report on all the new activities that took place during the two year period.

Closure Annual Report

The State of Iowa Contractor Fund began on June 6, 1997. The fund was created through an agreement pursuant to the Iowa Code, chapter 28E and Iowa Code section 455G.6(15). The agreement is between two state entities: the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund Board (Board).

  • Closure Contract Annual Report - 2002
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