Beneficial Use of Solid By-Products

The Beneficial Use Determinations program was developed for instances in which a solid by-product is a resource and not a solid waste. Solid by-products determined by the department not to be a solid waste through a beneficial use determination may not be subject to all sanitary disposal project (SDP) permitting requirements. Furthermore, the purpose of this program is to encourage the utilization of solid by-products as resources when such utilization improves, or at a minimum does not adversely affect, human health and the environment.

State Laws and rules for Beneficial Use Determinations 

IAC Chapter 567-108: Beneficial Use Determinations: Solid By-Products as Resources and Alternative Cover Material

Application and Reporting Documents

Beneficial Use Determination Application Form (542-0056)
Beneficial Use Determination Application Form (542-0056)
Solid By-Product Management Plan - Analytical Testing Report (542-0652)
Solid By-Product Management Plan - Analytical Testing Report (542-0652)

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