Comprehensive Planning

The State of Iowa requires each city and county to "...provide for the establishment and operation of a comprehensive solid waste reduction program...".  For more information about requirements see:

Specifically: Iowa Code, Chapters 455B “Jurisdiction of Department of Natural Resources” and 455D “Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling” and Iowa Administrative Rules: IAC Chapter 567-101 “Solid Waste Comprehensive Planning Requirements”

Cities and counties have gathered together (often grouping together in political subdivisions called 28E organizations) to form Solid Waste Planning Areas to carry out the integrated solid waste planning requirements. See the Quick Links (Map and Planning Area Descriptions) below for more information about Planning Areas.

Every five years each Planning Area must undergo a Plan Update process requiring evaluation of progress towards goals with input from stakeholders. DNR collaborates with Planning Areas to review Plan Updates to ensure that each meets code requirements. DNR staff is available to provide assistance to cities and counties regarding their waste management goals and strategies to reduce waste and toxicity during the Plan Update process and any other time.

Planning Areas are required have an approved a Solid Waste Comprehensive Plan on file in order to renew solid waste facility permits.

For more information on the Plan Update Process and Planning Areas, see Planning Area Links below. Planning Area Comprehensive Plan Update documents are not available online. Contact Leslie Goldsmith to see individual Plan Update narratives.

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