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Solid Waste Fact Sheets

This fact sheet is not intended as a substitute for the regulations and statues that apply. Rather, it is a helpful guideline on the topic.

Listed by Subject *.pdf
Aerosol Can Disposal for Businesses
Appliance Disposal  
Battery Recycling and Disposal
Composting for Communities
Composting, Nature's Recycling  
Electronics Recycling, A Guide for Businesses  
Fluorescent Bulb Disposal
Fluorescent Bulbs, starting a collection site
Incompatible Chemicals
Inkjet Cartridge Disposal  
Land Application of Industrial Waste  
Lead Based Paint Disposal
Material Safety Data Sheets
Paint Booth Filter Management
Pesticide Container Disposal  
Propane Tank Disposal
Salvage Yards  
Sharps Disposal for Households
Street Sweepings/Stormwater Basins & Car Wash Pit Disposal
TCLP - Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
Tree Burning Areas - Trees and Tree Trimming   

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