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All confinements (totally roofed operations), including small animal feeding operations, are required to follow state regulations when building or operating a facility, including retaining all manure until it is land applied. For existing confinement feeding operations, most requirements concern manure management and land application. See Current Requirements for more information.

ConstructionProposed new, and existing confinement feeding operations that plan to expand or modify the operation, may also have to:

  • apply for a construction permit prior to building, modifying or expanding,
  • follow construction standards when building,
  • develop and submit a manure management plan prior to building.

The exact pre-construction requirements will depend upon the size and type of operation being proposed. Producers who are planning a change in an existing confinement feeding operation or building a new operation should allow time for permit applications to be approved. Look for the specific requirements under Construction Requirements.

For new construction, choosing a good site may be one of the most important decisions a producer can make. The DNR's AFO Siting Atlas may help producers choose the optimum site for a proposed facility.