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Mapping and GIS

Geographic Information Systems at the DNR

The GIS section is responsible for the development, management, and distribution of the Department's Natural Resource Geographic Information System (NRGIS). This includes data collection and analysis that may be required for various resource investigations and in support of making natural resource management decisions.  We deliver data in various formats to decision makers and the general public.  We also provide GIS support and training to other sections of the DNR.

What we do:

Data Collection and Production - Making good natural resource management decisions first requires good data.  There are many GIS projects that have focused on collecting and producing basic data on Iowa's natural resources.  See our Data Collection and Production Projects for more information.

Data Analysis - Good decisions require analysis of the available data.  See our Data Analysis Projects for more information.

Data Distribution - GIS data is distributed in several ways to support decision making about Iowa's natural resources.
     NRGIS Library - The DNR's clearinghouse for the repository of GIS data.

     Web Services - Live data as Web Mapping Services for use in applications.

     Web Mapping Applications:

AFO Siting Atlas
- An interactive map to site animal feeding operations.

Burial Zone Siting
- An interactive map to assist in selecting animal burial zones.

Coal Mine Maps
- An interactive map to view coal mine maps where coal was mined in Iowa.

One Stop Facility Explorer
  - An interactive map of environmentally-regulated facilities.

  - An interactive map of geologic information from well data.

Historic Photography Viewer -  An interactive map to see historic aerial photography .

Hunting Atlas - An interactive map to discover hunting opportunities in Iowa.

Hydrogeologic Atlas - An interactive map about Iowa's aquifers and their characteristics.

Livestock Burial Zones - An interactive map for emergency animal disposal planning

Natural Areas Inventory - An interactive map about Iowa's rare species.

Recreation Atlas - An interactive map for discovering recreation opportunities in Iowa.
Source Water Mapping - An interactive map about Iowa's drinking water sources and quality.

Water Monitoring and Watershed Atlas - An interactive map about water quality and watersheds.

Iowa Water Web - An interactive map about Iowa's water.


The GIS section can provide help and support for geospatial data and GIS software within the Department. Please contact specific staff for questions.
Chris Ensminger Section Supervisor
GIS Anaysis and Support
Kathryne Clark, GISP GIS Analyst - Forestry and Natural Resources
Tesfay Russell
GIS Analyst - Water and Natural Resources
Claire Hruby
GIS Analyst - Animal Feeding Operations
Chris Kahle GIS Analyst - LiDAR processing, Flood plain program
Calvin Wolter GIS Analyst - Hydrologic modeling and SWAT
Remote Sensing
Vacant Remote Sensing Analyst
GIS Data and Applications
Casey James Kohrt NRGIS Librarian / Geospatial Database Administrator
Patrick Wilke-Brown, GISP Geospatial Applications Coordination / Application Developer

Problems or additional information?
Patrick Wilke-Brown
Casey Kohrt