Stakeholder Surveys

Waterfowl Hunter Survey Report, 2015

Iowa Waterfowl Hunter Season Preference Survey, 2011
A survey of waterfowl hunters was conducted in Iowa in 2011 to determine how hunters preferred the duck and goose seasons be structured for the next 5 years and when they preferred to hunt ducks and geese.  The resulting information was used to formulate a season that is the best fit for all of Iowa’s waterfowlers.  Even with 60 days for ducks and 90 days for geese, the resulting season is a compromise amongst all of the varied and competing styles of waterfowling, both traditional and modern.

Iowa Hunter Preference for a special September teal season, 2014
For the first time since 1969, Iowa will be allowed to offer a special September teal hunting season. A special September teal hunting season would be a significant change to Iowa’s waterfowl hunting season structure. Therefore the DNR conducted a survey to quantify hunters’ opinions on a special September teal season.