Breeding Bird Atlas II

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Iowa’s 2nd Breeding Bird Atlas is a five-year project (2008 - 2012), where professionals and volunteers are collecting information on the current ranges of Iowa’s breeding birds. The intention is to enhance our understanding of these species, their breeding range, and their habitat selection, in order to better inform future management decisions. Numerous changes to Iowa’s landscape in the 17 years since the first atlas project was completed in 1990 (e.g., widespread wetland restorations and the CRP program) suggest that a second atlas project will reveal many changes.

Around the state, there are 791 BBA search blocks, to be visited and completed by the end of 2012. To be successful, this project will require many hours of volunteer help from birders statewide. Atlasing is a fun way to bird during summer and a great way to explore new areas, so we’re hoping IOU members will lend their full support to this important project!

For more information check out the website ( or contact the BBA Coordinator ( or (515) 432-2823 ext. 117.

The BBA is sponsored by the Iowa Ornithologists Union and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.